View Full Version : Third Master Hard Disk Error

10-13-2011, 05:51 AM
Last night I left my computer running as I always do, but when I got up today, it was stuck on the black boot screen with the 'Third Master Hard Drive Error, Press F1 to Continue.'
However, F1 doesn't work, and none of the other F keys seem to either. I can do a CTRL, ALT, DEL restart from there, but nothing else. It sticks on the boot menu for about a minute before telling me to press F1.
My Dad tells me that when he got home from work, it was on the BSoD (no one had used the computer between me leaving and my dad coming home).
I'm not good with this side of computers, and I really don't want to try reformatting hard drives etc because all of my work and important files are on there.
Can anyone help?

10-13-2011, 08:52 AM
You need to explain how many hard drives you have in your system. It appears your hard drive has failed. Further, it appears that the bios is having trouble recognizing the hard drive. These are bad signs.

You need to remove the drive from your system and place it in either another system or en enclosure. You need to image the drive, if possible, before attempting any DIY recovery. If you cannot get any system to recognize the drive, you will need to a professional data recovery.