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10-13-2011, 05:44 PM
Greetings to all you pc users.
I have a serious problem...

Today was the day I would format my PC.
I have 4 hard drives, 3 internal and 1 external (USB).
The Hard Drive that I always install my system is a Seagate 80GB (IDE).
The other two internal drives are Western Digital, 80 and 120 GB respectively (S-ATA).
The external drive is a Western Digital 250GB.

I use the WD120GB and the WD80GB as storage for my music projects and multimedia files.
When I created backups of the files that I would want to keep after formatting, I transfered them to all the drives except of course the Seagate which was to be formatted (Windows XP Pro is the OS I installed).

When I formatted my pc, I installed all the necessary drivers and updates but I seriously couldn't get my system to read my two S-ATA drives.
It only read the IDE and the External.
The S-ATA drives were not on display even in the "Disk Management" section of "Administrative Tools".

I seriously need the files on these two disks but the system won't read them.
I don't want to format them because in that case, I will lose all of my file in those two disks... :(

The S-ATA drives are displayed in the BIOS section of "Hard Disks".
My motherboard is an ASUS K8N-e Deluxe.
Everything worked just fine regarding my hard drives up intil the time I decided to format.
I didn't change anything in the BIOS section nor anywhere else.

In my futile tries, I opened the RAID controller on system startup (the one which opens when you press F4 after the BIOS) and did a "Low Level Format" on the 80GB Western Digital hard drive, which had things that I can find once more.
After that, the drive showed up in "Disk Management" section of "Administrative Tools" but in order to make it visible on the system, I was required to format it again!!!
Consequently, I lost all the data it had.
I even tried with GetDataBack to see if I could save anything but to no avail...

Why doesn't my system recognize my S-ATA drives?
What should I do to save my files from the last (120GB) drive? :(
It has all my music and videos, things I cannot find anywhere else.

Why do S-ATA drives work this way?

I seriously need your help...