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10-15-2011, 10:55 AM
Hi all.
I have ballsed up my computer while playing around and would appreciate some advice to fix it.

I have a single 80gb drive on SATA with three partitions (C/F/G) and was swapping some around as I had issues with the C Partition.
I used Acronis disk director to copy the C partition to a new Partition, then used acronis to reassign the original C: as Z: and the newly copied partition became the C:.
All was fine except for some reason in the properties of the drivers, some were still referring to Z:....System32\Drivers, as opposed to C:....

Now, this is the point where I SHOULD have posted up here for advice and a bit of knowledge. Should.

however what I actually did was to 'Hide' the Z: using acronis again, working on the theory that it would force the system to pick up the duplicated files in the directory on C: where the driver files are.

The end result is the endless loop of "Autochk not found - Skipping AUTOCHECK" and the endless re-booting.
I have read several forums and pages relating to this and believe that I can copy the file "autochk.exe" from the XP cd into the C:\Windows\System32 directory but the problem is, I dont actually know how to do this.

I am hoping that the XP disc Repair option will sort this for me but if it doesn't I need to know how to copy this file across (if required).

edit: Also, I have all program files on a seperate partition and all my documents and files on a third partition. If required and I need to re-install, will the programs still work okay?


10-15-2011, 12:17 PM
I haven't touched Acronis in years, so I'm not exactly sure what options you have available to undo the swap, but it looks like not everything was moved correctly.

Can you get into Windows at all?

If you can you can copy and paste things from Z to C...if not, what, exactly can you do on this machine?

A repair install, to C should fix any internal XP errors...things like OS files that are missing and leave your programs as are now, but a clean install will leave you needing to reinstall much of your installed software.