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10-26-2011, 03:28 PM
Once again I throw myself at the feet of the HyperGeeks and seek their hard-earned wisdom.

Bought this laptop at BestBuy for my wife last September, has worked fine until early this month. Windows 7 Home Premium. Has started freezing up almost constantly either during or just after bootup. These are her notes:

"At different times the computer "freezes"- becomes nonresponsive to mouse or keys.
- before opening Windows
- before, during, and after password entry
- when opening Internet Explorer
- when opening AOL
- When on AOL

Have tried restore unable to complete, freezes up

Unable to log off shut down by cutting power
Takes an average of 4-5 attempts before able to use computer in safe mode with networking".

I just tried booting up four times, each time Windows opened, accepted password, opened home screen wallpaper with icons, but as soon as I moved the curser and clicked on an icon it froze. Clock stopped each time.

I think she had recently installed some updates. She tried going back to a previous restore point, didn't help.

Hardware or software (gas or spark)? Reinstall Windows?

As always, thanks.

10-26-2011, 04:21 PM
I just opened the back and unplugged/replugged the HD and removed and reseated the RAM. Started up, same problem. Restarted, ran the HP diagnostics HD test. Results:

SMART Check: Passed
Short DST: Failed

Failure ID: PW02JM-55W5RB-XD003G-60QM03
Product ID: XC433UA#ABA

10-26-2011, 04:29 PM
Sounds like the drive diagnostics are reporting some sort of failure...if there is any warranty left on the drive, RMA it. If not, replace the drive.

10-27-2011, 10:10 AM
It's just never that simple, is it...?

So I quick ordered a new HD from newegg. Figuring I had nothing to lose at that point, I went into the hP recovery utilities and was able to make a data recovery disk. Having done that, I had the utility wipe Windows off the HD and fresh reinstall. That worked, I copied the data back to the drive, machine seems to be working normally.

I was just ready to cancel my new HD order, but I re-ran the HD check utility and it is still coming back with the same fail error. So I figure it won't hurt to have the spare HD on hand if it should fail.

Possible that the current HD developed some bad sectors that were in the Windows area, and the re-install avoided those areas?

"Dr. Frank Poole: Okay. Well look Dave. Let's say we put the unit back and it doesn't fail uh? That would pretty well wrap it up as far as HAL was concerned wouldn't it?
Dave Bowman: Well, we'd be in very serious trouble.
Dr. Frank Poole: We would, wouldn't we. What the hell could we do?
Dave Bowman: [sigh] Well we wouldn't have too many alternatives.
Dr. Frank Poole: I don't think we'd have any alternatives. There isn't a single aspect of ship operations that isn't under his control. If he were proven to be malfunctioning I wouldn't see how we'd have any choice but disconnection.
Dave Bowman: I'm afraid I agree with you. "

10-27-2011, 10:38 AM
Possible that the current HD developed some bad sectors that were in the Windows area, and the re-install avoided those areas?

Very likely...and if the DST is still failing, the drive doesn't have very long to remain 'workable'. It's kind of like flaking paint. Once it starts, it never really stops, until it's all gone...except for that one annoying spot that dynamite won't even remove.