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12-08-2011, 08:31 AM
Hi,Laptop prob...i have the infamous IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL problem and get error report....stop OoooooooA....OX80896A76 oxoooooFF e.t.c. this happens when trying to use recovery disc.I have put in a new hd and cd writer.Also done a ram 86 test (no problems).Tried disabling caching etc in bios...I can run a mini ultimate pc boot disk but this doesn,t seem to help..I was wondering is it possible to put in my friends hd to see if it works or will help me fix the problem (i have toshiba model on xp ..his is windows vista on different model).Also could i put my hd into his laptop and load up my recovery disk from there?...If not how maybe flashing bios update might help..how can i do this with no boot...sorry for long winded question, any help desparetly appreciated....many thanks.

Paul Komski
12-08-2011, 10:06 PM
Blue screening at this stage is likely to be a malware, corruption or drivers issue.

I wouldn't attempt to flash the BIOS at this stage though you might try setting the BIOS to failsafe defaults. If it has a SATA hard drive I would also check in the BIOS to see how the SATA is configured and set it to IDE emulation mode if possible.

After that I would wipe the hard drive and try again with the same or a replacement recovery media - or better still attempt a clean installation using an installation CD or DVD.

I doubt the media will work in another PC but nothing much to lose, apart from time and effort, by trying it out. If it runs then don't let the drive reboot in the foreign PC after the installation.

Also don't try booting up your friends hard drive in your PC.

There are a number of problems that can occur when a Windows OS on a hard drive is migrated to another system; it may be rendered non-bootable and product reactivation may be tripped.