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Young Grass-hop
04-20-2012, 10:58 AM
Hello all enthusiasts! :)

I have finally gathered the funds for a new pc build. I am not an expert on the matter, in fact, this will be my first time assembling a pc. I have a basic build in mind, and I was hoping that people could give me some feedback on my choices, and if other choices could be better.

The build:

Case: Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower.

PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply.

MOBO: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68

CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz

GPU: Radeon hd 7870 2gb

RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3

I want to run BF3 (and other graphic intense games) on decent settings (high-ultra) and want something "future proof". My main questions are:

1. Should I go for an i7 cpu instead? is it worth the extra money? Maybe suggestion on why I should go with AMD instead? Any suggestions on the cpu would be greatly appreciated. (If AMD suggestions, please suggest a MOBO as well.)

2: Is radeon a better choice than Nvidia? Should I consider getting the 7970? or would buying another 7870 and crossfiring be better? Ex: buying the one 7870, and then when games start demanding more power, just buying an other one?

3. Is my power supply the good one? I checked it out, and I'm pretty sure that's what I need if the need to crossfire or SLI becomes necessary. Input on other PSU's could be interesting as well.

4. SSD or no? Will it really improve the performance of my games? or just load times?

Feel free to suggest anything really, I just want to make sure that I put my money into something that will last a few years. Thanks in advance to anyone helping! :D

04-20-2012, 06:31 PM
1: yes, if you can wait for a few weeks the "ivy bridge" is out then .....i7 3770k..........you decide if you like Intel or AMD best.........your choice, let us know
you don't need the top cpu to run BF3 and games like this on full........

2: So far the 7870 (single) will play all the games on Ultra..........compare prices and bang for the buck..........Lots consider one great card is enough........CFX is good when you get a great price on a second card in 6 months down the road or so..........sometimes it's worth it......(I got a great price on mine, soI crossfired for cheap and good good results)

and don't start anyone in a raging debate on which card is better..............both are as good as the price you pay for them and the results you get.....I have both

3: Nope, a little weak for that I think........ might want to boost that up as high as you can cause you are already talking about CFX'ing a 7870.............future proof would be 850W 80+ certified brand name

4: Yes, SSD Sata 3 for that new machine with a HDD for backup and storage and loading all your games onto......just load faster and any apps that you load onto the SSD will also be faster........transfering data files almost instant......I love mine...................you are building your first gaming PC....make it nice

5:Ram 4 x 4g PC 12800 is sweet (DDR3 1600)

Some cheap advice now:
that is one ugly case you will have to look at for the next 5 years or so.........and with two gpu's in there, it will be CRAMPED......do yourself a favor and buy a cool FULL tower....only an extra $50/60 or so.....you will thank yourself later when you are building it

I would go with a Z77 Motherboard with PCI 3.0 as you are buying a GPU card with PCI 3.0.....match it up.......make sure your MB will let you have at least x 8 when populating 2 gpu's in there....(some cheap ones go down to x 4)


Buy a better full tower case

Buy a better Z77 Motherboard (you will thank yourself for this also)

Buy a better (bigger) Power Supply for the future

Buy 16 gigs RAM DDR3 1600 (4 x 4)

Buy one card to start.....you decide which one and think about the prices...

Buy a SSD (at least a 90g or 120g) Sata 3.........HDD for storage

Buy a aftermarket cooler for your CPU.....buy some artic silver paste also to seat it.........air cooler is OK

How much of your money can we spend?