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05-01-2001, 03:38 AM
Found these in other forums during my travels:

For all you morons out there, the biggest cause of lock-ups with Athlon systems is the cheap crap RAM you buy and the cheap non-UL approved power supplies. If you followed AMD's specs you would see you need quality RAM and a good UL power supply so that the voltage doesn't drop every time your high dollar video card starts crunching.


These were the last in a series of exchanges that started out peacefully:

Your response was not very helpful. The Slot 1 section says that the mb can handle up to a 850Mhz. I have read elswehere that it can handle a PIII 1Gb CPU. However, I have also read that this only refers to the 2MB version of the board. If I have the 1MB version, is it true that I can only handle up to a PIII 550Mhz cpu? Or, if I do the modification mentioned in the FAQ: Obtain BIOS replacement from ACE and remove R6 (0 Ohm and install it on the R5), can I then use PIII 1Gb? Also, does ACE sell 2MB chip?

Not very helpful? YOU TWERP!! You didn't even know what damn slot your CPU uses, or where to get the GD BIOS upgrades, so I figured you needed a little help finding things on the site. All the info available on the 440 is in the Slot-1 area, so I referred you there. After you click on 440, every question you asked in your initial post is answered on the specification page, or by going to the FAQ and BIOS areas and reading and understanding the information. Remember, you did not mention the size of your BIOS in your first post. I don't see any questions in your second post that can't be answered from the same sources. Cut and paste the FAQ into WordPad, print it out and compare the sections side by side, if that will help make it any clearer. You ask questions like ".. is it true?" or "..if I do, then can I?". If you doubt the truth of the manufacurer's information and instructions on their own website, from the horse's mouth so to speak, you can just sally forth and experiment on your own. Where is this elsewhere that you refer to anyway? Would you rather trust it than the recommendations of the manufacturer? Do you really want to take a soldering iron to your working motherboard, and risk turning it into a wall hanging? There was a big WARNING notice in red stating that they do NOT recommend doing this unless you are VERY familiar with circuit board soldering. And last but not least, if you got to the part about ACE BIOS in the FAQ, you must have also seen their 800 number. Why in the hell would you bother to ask a question and then wait for an answer on a web forum, when you can just pick up the GD phone and get the answer? FOR FREE!! As I hope you can tell, I have pretty much lost all patience with you and your questions. It seems to me that you just want some gopher to find the info for you, digest it, and then give you one-word or yes-no answers. There's a word for people like you on web forums -- LEECH. I will be sure to avoid your posts in the future. YOU BOZO!

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05-01-2001, 09:21 AM
Those are some of the "nicer" ones! If you really want to get ripped to shreds try posting a homework question on one of those places......

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Paleo Pete
05-01-2001, 09:51 AM
Now you see why I'm so particular about language and the way people here are treated. That guy wouldn't last 5 minutes here.

Sometimes things can get tedious, and even irritating, but under norml circumstances you have to remember that we're dealing with people who know very little in most cases, and come here to ask questions for that reason. Personally, I don't think they should be treated like morons, in the manner of that post.

At the same time, I try to prod them into helping themselves, rather than simply handing it to them on a platter. That's why I post so many links, instead of actually answering the question. The answer is usually in the link, and the person should learn something by looking it up.

Sure am glad we don't have idiots like that to deal with around here...you guys are usually just great.

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05-01-2001, 12:03 PM

Asking for help on that forum must be a last-ditch-all-else-has-failed option. Put on your Flame proof undies before proceeding.

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