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12-27-2001, 08:32 PM
Don't remeber where i found the mp3; but here is the lyric's to the song; between this and the version of Don henley's " In a New York minute " WTC tribute I found myself in tears.

I realize we should all accept the loss and move on. but....

I didn't mention it before but i did lose some co-workers on the flight and in the WTC; the GAP is a major corporation with arms reaching all around the world. And though i never personally knew these co-workers, i still grieve for them and their families.

Sorry to bring this back up again in the forum-but after hearing these tribute songs i felt it would be selfish for me to not share their existance with the people here.

Never again will i treat these three words lightly upon hearing them;

GOD Bless America

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12-30-2001, 05:18 AM
9-11 will never be forgotten by anyone world wide.

I think about what those people on the planes had to go through, the people in the towers and the bystanders/firemen/policemen...it sends me to shudder.

As a Canadian I'm not too happy with our immigration policies or government and a bit ashamed of how we've handled things. Sadly, we still haven't figured out that wide open immigration and passport irregularites need to be looked at. We let you guys down http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/frown.gif


12-30-2001, 08:20 AM
When certain people have a mindset of destruction
they will find a way to curcumvent any thing we use
as a deterant.

It's too bad those certain people will use religion
to mask their desire to become a martyr.

To me, the Cold War still exists, it just comes from
a different source.

Peace? Probably not in our lifetime. And that's sad.

Let us down? As a society we have let ourselves down.

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12-31-2001, 12:55 AM
The really disappointing thing is the way some people have exploited 9/11.
It has been used for advertising(selling cars) and one woman is suing American Airlines for the death of her husband on one of the planes that went down. There is absolutly no way they could have imagined something like this. In addition the suit is also claiming his mental anguish he suffered prior to the crash. Our sue crazy society once again rears its ugly head.

"It's not my fault!"

12-31-2001, 12:47 PM
iisbob: I saw a good editorial on PBS several nights ago where the gist was that one never gets "closure" on loss. Obviously, one has to "move on," but the loss is never lessened. She said that if this Xmas season is a bit subdued, it probably ought to be and that it is normal and healthy to grieve over loss. Even those of us who didn't lose friends or coworkers have "lost" something...a sense of security, the myth of being "invulnerable", something that I cannot even describe..but I know it is gone. The recent commercials and such that urged us to "spend and spend" like nothing ever happened is annoying to me at best..and appalling at worst.

No, steveo, you guys didn't let us down. There are bad people in every color, creed, nationality, and sex. And as ranchdog points out, they will find a way to work their evil one way or another. This is sad of me to say, but I was sort of grateful that the nutcase with the bomb in his shoe was British. lol At least he wasn't yet another American fruitcake.

I am hoping and praying that 2002 will be a better year for all of us. Don't want to offend anyone, but "God bless us everyone." http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif

12-31-2001, 02:30 PM
My wife actually heard this first on a local radio station, then showed it to me.

steveo i'm with kay on this in saying it's not Canada's fault at all, it could have been the other way around-Ontario geting targeted instead of New York, it's easy for us to look back and say what " shoulda " been done. No need to cast blame on unsuspecting parties.

All i can say is, is that this will define the tenure of Bush, JR.'s stay in office. How well it finally plays out will be locked forever in the annuals of history and will be a decisive factor in the next presidential elections.

Hopefully we won't forget the lesson that 9/11 has taught us about our vunerability.

And Kay, i'm with you on this " spend,spend " ads i'm seeing-really tasteless and makes me want to vomit. Leave it to the whoremongers in the money temple to take advantage of the countries grief.


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