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10-01-2000, 01:13 PM
Floppy drive has gone bonkers. Authenticated when booting but not accessible. When I try to read a floppy disk it says drive not accessible.
Replaced the drive but same problem.
Curious thing is that though the floppy drive light activates when booting up the system completes the boot even if a non system disk is inserted in the a: drive. It just ignores that.
The drive light does not stay on constantly and I have tried messing around with the cable ( plugging it in backwards and upside down etc.) This did not help but did discover that a backward cable installation makes the A: drive light stay on all the time. Nice nightlight.
So what am I up against here? Controller? Motherboard? Operator malunction?
The machine is an old PB 100mHz

Are we there yet?

Charles Kozierok
10-02-2000, 12:33 AM
Floppies seem to generate strange problems around here lately. http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif I might try replacing the cable actually.... someone here recently had a problem that turned out to be a bad cable.

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Paleo Pete
10-02-2000, 02:34 AM
I'd go for that or the controller. Either one could be the problem.

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