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10-10-2000, 06:32 AM
HELP! Problem formatting HD during installation
During installation of new 4.3GB hard drive, hit a wrong key in DOS during fdisk, and we now only have 400MB! Tried reformatting to no avail. It was a fat32, upon first boot for installation, and is now a fat16. Also tried to delete primary partition, it would not do it. Tried repartitioning, would not do it, it only recognizes 400MB now at a fat16 and will not convert stating that the "drive" is too small. It also does not give us the option for big blocks.
Help please, lost most of my drive somewhere...

Paleo Pete
10-10-2000, 10:46 AM
Try fdisk again. I know of no reason you shouldn't be able to start over and repartition the drive. Maybe you're missing something. Check a link or two, and my site below for more info.

PC Guide Hard Drive Formatting and Partitioning Procedure (http://www.pcguide.com/proc/setup/hdd-c.html)

How to fdisk a Hard Drive (http://www.sybercom.net/jtmurphy/page11.htm)

Quick Guide to a Fresh Start (http://www.hardwarehell.com/fdisk.htm)

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Charles Kozierok
10-11-2000, 09:07 AM
400 MB on a 4.3 GB drive sounds like the infamous 4 GB size barrier. Check in the BIOS: can it see the whole drive size? If not, you'll have to get a BIOS upgrade, use overlay software, or get a new controller card.
See this section of the site for more: http://www.PCGuide.com/ref/hdd/bios

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10-11-2000, 12:53 PM
tidbits.... extended partition cannot be deleted until you delete the logical drive first then delete primary partition...... http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/biggrin.gif