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10-12-2000, 06:52 AM
Hi everyone, I have a promise ultra66 uide controller installed in a tyan trinaty ss7 board. I have a 20 gig maxtor hard drive which works fine when directly connected by cable to the ultra66 card. However, when I installed a removable tray, the hard drive doesnt boot. One thing that is inteeresting is that when directly connected to the ultra66 card, the id of the maxtor hd is identified by the card. When the hd is installed into the tray then slid into the slot and booted up, the id of the hard drive is not identified, but rather a garbage id is showing up. So, has anyone else had this prob;em? Maybe the tray is defective? Anyone had any success connecting a removable rack to a promise ultra66 card? Any response would be greatly appeciated! Thanks, Dave S.

Charles Kozierok
10-12-2000, 09:27 AM
My first suspicion would be that the internal cable or connectors in the rack don't support the 80-conductor cable needed for Ultra DMA to work; is the hardware rated for Ultra DMA? Otherwise, the rack may be bad.

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10-13-2000, 12:00 PM
Yes Charles, That seems to be my line of thought too! There is something wrong with the rack possibly! It is an Ultra66 storage rack, and should cause no problem with the promise. However, as with most all of the racks, they have the circuit board with the fan plugged in and it supposedly splits all the lines from the 80 pin cable to the 80 pin socket which is directly shot back through the hd pins. I am thinking there is some kink in the lines somewhere, or maybe the lock switch is bad. Anyway, I'll try the other one and see if we have success....thanks charles for your input, If I run down the problem and if it is the socket,(which will be tinkered with or returned), I will let you know the solution for any other people down the time line from us. Thanks, Dave S.