View Full Version : Scandisk can't fix this, please help

10-27-2000, 02:48 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm attempting to reformat a harddrive and install Windows98. I used a boot floppy and ran fdisk, created the partition using large disk support (FAT32), restarted and formatted the drive. No problems there, but when Windows setup ran Scandisk, it found lost clusters on this newly formatted drive, which I fixed, but then the setup program would produce a GPF error. When I tried again, it found the same lost clusters that I thought I fixed earlier. I tried reformatting a number of times, but it always seems to find these lost clusters. I even tried the scandisk surface scan, which came out fine. Anyone have any thoughts?


Paleo Pete
10-27-2000, 11:39 AM
If this is an older drive I would seriously consider the possibility that it might be going bye bye. Sometimes even a drive no more than about a year old can bite the big one...

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