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11-14-2000, 12:35 AM
Not really a problem but an annoyance.
My windows (98) folder had hundreds of zero byte temp files produced by
Machine Debug Manager (MDM.EXE) I think, since I don't get any more after excluding this program in startup.

What is this program doing? Is there any penalty in disabling it?

11-14-2000, 01:00 AM
Sorry. Wrong forum!

Congratulations Pete, on your elevation.

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Paleo Pete
11-14-2000, 09:10 AM
Thanks herbert

I suppose you're right, this one would be more appropriate in the Storage forum, so I moved it.

Not sure what the program is or whether there's any problem in disabling it, but if the files in question are 0 bytes, chances are it would be safe to delete them.

Try this:

Delete a few, but DON'T empty the Recycle bin. Wait a day or two, and if everything seems to be working OK, delete the rest, and wait a few days before dumping the Recycle bin. That's the best thing about having the Recycle bin, if you move something you need, it's not that big a problem to replace it, although sometimes it has to be done in DOS with a boot disk...

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