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11-17-2000, 04:10 PM
I have just replaced my Quantum 5400rpm drive with an
IBM 30gb 7200rpm UDMA66/100 drive. It is primary master .
The Average read is 25505kps, Random 9.6ms, and read
burst 25.5mbps, the CPU is 89.3%, all using HDTACH.
My mobo uses VIA chipsets and when I installed the
latest 4 in 1 drivers a while back my Quantum CPU figure
was very high, so I uninstalled them and reinstalled
slighly older drivers and it improved a lot.
I am still using those older drivers with the new HD.
I have run IBMATASW to switch the HD to UDMA33
but it has made no difference.
Can you tell me whether these performance figures are
the best I can expect with my setup, or are there some
glaring areas for improvement? I am particularly concerned re the CPU figure...it is too high I am sure.
Many thanks.

John Lowe UK

John lowe

11-18-2000, 08:55 PM
I do not have experience with a high-performance drive like that, but since my UDMA33 5400 RPM drive hits about 6M/sec, I'm impressed. A good place to check benchmarks is www.winmag.com. (http://www.winmag.com.) They have an extensive database and you can compare you system against comparably configured computers. They have both on and off-line benchmark programs.