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11-19-2000, 09:20 AM
Bought 13.6 GB WD hard drive and installed on 3 year old pc. Hit 8 GB drive barrier in BIOS - system recognized only about 7.6 GB. No newer BIOS upgrade available for that BIOS. Have recently purchased and installed a new board/processor. The new BIOS now sees 13.6 GB, but Win 98 still reports old limit. I do not want to use the WD utility to increase the avialable space, as there is no BIOS problem now. Can I fdisk the drive to add additional capacity without losing the 2 GB of data now on drive?

11-19-2000, 11:01 AM
If you have another drive available, yes. Take the other drive and format it for Windows, then in Windows, from Start/Run, you can type the follwoing:
c:\windows\command\xcopy32 c:\*.* d: /h /e /c /k (where d: is the drive you want to copy the contenets of your drive to)
Then, boot to this drive and ensure that it is working properly (Your going to have to play with the master/slave jumper on them to get the relationship correct). Once it's up and running properly, you can fdisk/format the 13GB drive and prepare it for copying to. Again, from the Start/Run command, type the above line and the entire drive will copy over. Hope this helps some.

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