View Full Version : CD-ROM reads ALL data cd's as audio cd's

11-02-2000, 06:47 PM
My CD-ROM drive (24x) on my 3yr old IBM Aptiva has recently and all of a sudden started reading all data CD's as audio cd's. The drive is recognized in device manager and is shown to be operating correctly. Here's what I've done already to try to troubleshoot it, with no luck:
- updated the driver
- removed it and reinstalled it (both physically and through device manager)
- moved it from master on secondary ide (where it's been for last 3 years) to slave on primary.

The only recent changes I've made - and where I suspect a conflict - were:
- Reformatted HD and upgraded to Win98 at the same time. (The CD-ROM read OK for a week or so after the upgrade, so I don't think that was it).
- Re-installed Direct CD and EZ CD Creator 4 Deluxe (for my CD-RW which is SCSI)

Do any of you know of any conflicts with software that would cause this? When I put in a data CD, I hear the drive spin up really fast (to 24x I presume), but then it cuts back on speed suddenly for some reason. I guess this is why it reads as audio (slower speed). Or do you think that after 3 yrs, the drive has finally bit the dust??? Any help would be appreciated! I can't find info on this ANYWHERE else on the web. Please help!

11-19-2000, 06:07 PM
-Open your CD ROM casing try to clean up the crystal lens carefully with damp cloth and alcohol 70% then blow dry the lens
-try to adjust spindle motor height and lens slider height (if there is no adjuster bolt then you can do it by your finger)
I have had your problems too, I disassemble the CD ROM clean everything then reassemble, then it works again.