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newton's cat
12-19-2000, 02:46 PM
Disaster has overtaken me! I've got 20 gigs of files on tapes - now my drive has decided to **** **!

I did a Registry Files Optimization with Norton System Works (OS Win98). When the system rebooted the tape drive self-test indicated a 'Drive Mechanism Failure' (flashing status indicator) and the tape indicator stayed on. There was, of course, no tape in it. The drive had not been used for a couple of days. I can see no way that the optimization should affect the tape drive - so the failure of the drive is probably co-incidental. The drive has a 'load' screw - so I loaded a tape into it (power off) then powered up. The drive went through the normal operating process, ran the tape, and then ejected it - leaving the status indicator flashing and the tape indicator on!

Ahhhhh! ******* ****** **** ***** !!!

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Newton's Cat

12-19-2000, 05:47 PM
Hey Newt,

First place I would start is to go back to Norton. Run the hardware diagnostics module within SystemWorks.

I think you're right. A registry optimization should not have affected the tape drive.

If Norton doesn't find anything, check your Device Manager for yellow flags.

Let us know what happens.


Big Blue 66