View Full Version : copying bootable CDs

jim y
01-03-2001, 04:45 PM
I once managed to copy my windows98 cd so I could keep the original safe. This worked fine and even booted just like the original. Then I got a windows98SE disc and before installing I copied it and used the copy to install on my system. This copy also booted but then I lost the copy and so made another. This won't boot. Is this because of win98SE? Every cd I made under plain old win98 booted but not since I upgraded. The thing that puzzles me most is that no system files are visible in explorer on the cds that boot, so how do they do it?

jim y
01-05-2001, 09:15 PM
Now I'm talking to myself. I've tried a few forums with this problem/question and had no luck. It's not a big problem compared to what others are tearing their hair out over but it's got me puzzled and I just have to find some kind of answer! Can I add a few new (to me) facts?
I have made bootCDs and they work. My CD software (Easy CD 4) asks for a bootfloppy and adds two .BIN files to the CD layout (As it should). Now I have an OEM copy of both WIN98 and WIN98SE, these both boot but do not show the .BIN files in explorer or DOS while my own ones do. If I copy one of these win98 discs they copy fine but will not boot. This is since I upgraded to 98SE as the copy I made under the original 98 using the same software does boot! How can a CD boot and not have the bootimage files?