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01-09-2001, 11:02 AM
I recently purchased a TDK 12x10x32x cdrw drive, to put into my approximately 3 year old P2 266 machine. I followed the easy to follow instructions, and restarted my computer. Everything was going good, and everything looked good. I started to install the software that came with the drive, until it froze up. When it now tries to boot up it goes through all of the steps until the screen OS load in progress, where it then tells me to insert bootable media in appropriate drive. I checked all of my connections to make sure they were secure, then went into BIOS to make sure everything was in the right place. The section that shows primary and secondary in BIOS shows the new cdrw as master on the secondary,and the other cd rom as slave on the secondary. The primary master just shows installed. When I go into the settings for the hard drive it set to auto configure and shows cylinder, heads, and sectors as being 0. I am still young, but am throwing tufts of hair trying to get at this problem.

01-27-2001, 12:28 PM
You don't say whay operating system you have or what software your trying to install. Post back with that info if your still having a problem.

One thing I would try is setting the CD-rom as master and the CDRW as slave. If the computer can still boot up to the OS before locking up then the "readings" for the hard drive are OK. (Some BIOS don't display any information for the hard drive once you set them to "auto".) But if the problem occurs after the BIOs information is displayed make sure you
didn't dislodge the hard drive's cables when you installed the new cdrw. Check them and the power cables to your hard drive(s).

One other thing to check: The IDE cables have a red line on one side that should face the power connection and in turn the power cable's red wire should also face the red line on the IDE cable.

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