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Thread: Locating Port for Digi. Cam.

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    Post Locating Port for Digi. Cam.


    I am trying to locate a serial port to hook up a digital camera. Looking at the back of the case, there is one available connection (15 pin) and this leads to the sound card. When going to device manager, it only has COM2 (mouse), COM3 (modem) and LPT1 listed. There is no listing for a COM1. I entered Bios setup and serial port 1 and serial port 2 are set to auto. Looking at the owner's manual for the mother board, it shows connectors CN2 and CN3 both labeled COM1/COM2- COM3/COM4. Only CN2 is in use and looks like the mouse is hooked up to this connector.

    I have great deal to learn yet, but trying to give as much info as I can so someone can offer advice or help with getting a port to hook up to.
    Does anyone have suggestions for getting a digital camera connected in a situation like this?


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    The connection you found going to the sound card is a game controller port, for a joystick.

    With COM2 and COM3 in use, you might have a problem even if you do get the cam plugged in, because it will have to go on another COM port, and could conflict with either the mouse or modem, unless you have a different IRQ open to use it with.

    You can get the cable that goes from the connector on the motherboard to the case at computer shops, just tell them what you need. I think some retail electronics stores might have them too, Radio Shack, CompUSA, etc.

    Install it onto the motherboard and attach it to the case, then get into Windows Control Panel, open Add New Hardware and add a COM port. Then go to Device Manager, highlight Computer and click Properties, see if you have a free IRQ, go back to Device Manager and set the new COM port to the free IRQ and see if it works.

    The other way to go would be to see if you have PS/2 mouse support for the motherboard, install the PS/2 mouse port (physical cable and plug) and that will free up the COM port the mouse is using and the IRQ as well, which could then be used for the cam. The motherboard manual should tell you if you have PS/2 availability.

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