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Thread: Win98 Rebooting at startup. SB at fault?

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    Question Win98 Rebooting at startup. SB at fault?

    Win98 Rebooting at startup. SB at fault?

    I've seen some strange setup programs over the years.
    But the one included with the Sound blaster and sound blaster live gave me fits last night.

    Heres the deal.
    After installing a new SB Live gamer in a system.
    And another SB 512 OEM in a second system.
    I found that the OEM version install program has a major problem.

    Both systems are P3 based and have Win and Dos support under Win98.

    One system would reboot as soon as the windows desktop was displayed.
    This continued to happen till I removed the SB drivers using safemode.

    When I reinstalled the drivers.
    It still rebooted.As the desktop was displayed.

    After about an hour of searching and reboots I set ALL sound effects OFF in control panel under safe mode .

    Reboot and everything work. Except the sound.
    When I checked the SB settings tab I found it had set all the DOS settings to "0"
    Yes zero.
    IRQ, both DMA,SB port, MDU, and Adlib

    Each time windows booted it would play the start windows sound .
    I wasn't hearing the sound. Because the system would reboot.
    IRQ 0 and DMA 0 are both reserved system board resources.

    The only way around it was to reinstall with out DOS support.

    Now comes the real question.
    Why is/would Win98 use a DOS call to play a sound at startup

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    If I remember correctly the DOS calls are for SB16 emulation.

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    Why, because until Windows is fully up and running some parts of what's going on are DOS programs, because until Win2000 (NT also I think) and "Whistler" (when comes out) all flavors of Windows are really just a shell that runs on top of DOS.

    As Windows boots and loads its own drivers control gets transferred from DOS to Windows, thats why almost all DOS problems will cause Windows problems but not all Windows problems will cause DOS problems (drive showing up in DOS but not in Windows).

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    That helps explain some of it.

    I didn't list it above But I was also able to cause the same reboot after disabling all the sounds in windows.
    Then using media player to play a sound file.
    The system would reboot well after win98 was up and running.

    It doesn't make any difference now.
    I got them working.
    Then I replaced the OEM with another SB Live.

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