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Thread: Netscape problem.

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    Post Netscape problem.

    I have Internet Explorer 5.5 set up as my default web browser in IE 5.5's Internet Options. But Netscape Communicator 4.72 opens up automatically in the following two situations: 1. When URL links in MS Outlook e-mail messages are clicked. 2. When Godzilla program can't find the download links for whatever I'm downloading, and a web page loads to show alternative links for the stuff I'm downloading (though in Godzilla properties, IE 5.5 is set up as the default web browser). What can I do so that I keep my Netscape Com on my PC, but not set up as the default web browser?

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    As you can tell by the lack of responses...not too many on this forum use Netscape! You might try going into the "Preferences" sect. of Netscape browser and see what adjustments you can make.

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    Been wondering about this one and can't find anything about it. I think the problem may be in the something like 200 registry entries Netscape creates or changes. You can override the one that sets itself as default browser and email client by resetting IE to defaults, but not for opening alternate links. I think you may have to dig into the registry for that one, but I'm not sure where to look...

    You might try some searching with a search engine or two and see if anything turns up. I tried "Netscape troubleshooting" and Internet Explorer and Netscape troubleshooting" and didn't find anything useful. Used Google.

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    I used GoZilla for a while, didn't like it too well, kept wanting use Netscape and I didn't have it installed so all sorts of registry errors. I think that the only way to finally resolve it is to get rid of either or both, Netscape and GoZilla. I seem to remember that in the options of GoZilla that there were several places where it could be configured to use Netscape have you foun all of them?

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    Hi I have both Netscrape and IE and do not have this problem, IE is my default and so is OE- is your default mail app IE ot Netscrape??

    **I do however have version 4.73

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