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Thread: Slow XP startup and AOL/System Menu lag.

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    Post Slow XP startup and AOL/System Menu lag.

    I have XP and when i power on the machine, the machine loads the XP GUI within about 10 - 15 seconds but when i try and open the System Menu in control panel it wont open the System Properties window for about four minutes, the same goes for my AOL 7.0 it just shows an hourglass symbol and wont allow me to click on "Connect" and if i do it just says that AOL is not responding. Why?

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    This could be just a matter of to many processes running at start up.
    If you boot and just let it sit for say 3 to 5 minutes what happens when you try to open System menu or aol7 ?

    One average XP will be running 21 to 23 Processes at boot up.
    How many of these on your system?
    Of those how many are auto updates ?

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    Im running 17 processes and none of them are auto updates.
    Also when i try to run games in 32 bit color i get annoying little skips in play.

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