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Thread: crashing in IE on this site :)

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    Red face crashing in IE on this site :)

    Okay, so I can only navigate about two or three page loads through the PC Guide, most particularly the discussion forums, it seems, before IE locks up. Ultimately, if I close the browser window, I get a Program Not Responding Will Be Shut Down error (Win2K, IE5.5).

    Naturally, if I have other IE windows open, they continue to function normally--unless I shut down the frozen PC Guide window, in which case, all instances close.

    Now, I'm not saying this has NEVER happened whilst browsing elsewhere, but it happens every time, now! Doesn't happen at work (W98, IE5.5), just at home on the specs as above.

    Any suggestions, frenz?


    ***He who eats when he is full, digs his grave with his teeth***
    ***He who eats when he is full, digs his grave with his teeth***

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    Tried the IE repair tool yet?

    Otherwise I don't have any ideas. Don't think it's the site, I have no problems with it, and noone else seems to either.

    Check through your internet options, Advanced tab, and see if anything looks wrong. Try the MS website for patches, IE 5.5 is about the buggiest one yet, they might have a few fixes posted by now. I always wait at least 6 months for them to work the bugs out before I try a new version. Paid off well so far, I haven't had any trouble. The only one I installed right away was IE 4, and got lucky, it worked perfect.

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