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Thread: error 6 and error 50

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    Post error 6 and error 50

    I made a restore to another drive using Backup Ecec Desktop Pro of Window 2000 and everytime I reboot Windows 2000 after a restore-My restore is the upgrade version of Windows 2000 on top of Windows 98SE- I get error 6-handle is invalid or error 50-network reguest is not supported. How can I fix these errors so my restore works. I also find consistently that I have to reinstall my modem, my PCI mass storage device and my multimedia card. Although I restore everything, I can't use dial-up networking to dial out to Compuserve.

    Thanks. Look forward to your suggestions.

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    WOW! Sounds like a funky sys-restore. How did you upgrade from 98 to 2000? Have you tried reinstalling Win2000 from the CD? It just sounds like the restore was incomplete and now the PC wants to boot from the restore copy every time and (in the process) is resetting your drivers, settings and many other things.

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