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Thread: DAP malfunction?

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    Question DAP malfunction?

    Something has gone wrong with my DAP, running in W98SE

    It starts the download process and then stops immediately before the data transfer begins.

    This happening nearly all of the time and I've had any such before with DAP

    Help, please?
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    Mitch Hatfield

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    Would probably be a very good idea to clear DAP's cache.....not quite sure how to do it (haven't used DAP in ages), but clearing the list of all previously downloaded items is what you want to do.
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    When you configure DAP you have the choice of deleting the download/link from DAP after succesful download or retainiing it there. Alos there is a new version out now

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    Thanks mjc and Ernie

    I've got the new version now, but I've also still got the problem - in spite of manually clearing out the DAP cache.

    Some dowmloads work - it downloaded its own new version for example (!) -but most stop immediately after the download box is displayed and after DAP has apparently made contct with the server??

    It's really got me beat at the moment.

    See screen shot, if u can read it
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Mitch Hatfield

    Looking all around for some small signs of Evolution!!

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    Have you tried using your regular OS's downloader at these same sites?

    1: I notice it's a mirror site. 2: The file is of unknown size.

    I have stopped using DAP unless I will need the resume feature for large downloads where I may pause it to do other business then resume it at a later time. I find NO real time saver with DAP over the standard Windows D/L'er (98SE). 6kbps (dial up) is 6kbps whether or not it is divided between 4 simultaneous connections or not. The only other time I use DAP is when the connection to the host gets interupted for any reason and the regular D/L'er keeps needing to be restarted.

    One more thing that I've noticed is that some links are URL's but DAP usually let's you know this and offers you an alternative. This may be what is happening.

    I have also been told that some sites block multiple downloaders possibly thinking they are 'bots' of some type, I'm not quite sure. So a single connection may get through just fine.

    Sorry, not much help, I haven't used it for quite some time now.
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    Thanks Fred

    Much food for thought there. I appreciate it!

    A few points in reply:

    1) I will try alternative downloaders
    2) DAP does offer an option the case of HTML progs
    3) Problem occurs on both direct server links AND mirror sites.
    4) DAP is stopping at very point where file size etc would be displayed.
    5) In some instances DAP is stopping on sites where I have used it successfully before - like last week!
    6) I agree with you about the speed thing - it just looks a lot faster!!

    Anyway, I live on in hope of a solution.
    Keep on smiling!

    Mitch Hatfield

    Looking all around for some small signs of Evolution!!

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    mitch, did you contact DAP support ?

    their technical support is too good. they have always replied to my queries some running as long as 14 replies ..

    i dont exactly remember how i reached their support page ... i think its in help > feedback.

    or rather send them a mail with your browser ver, DAP ver and OS.

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    Hi Rahulkothari

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Much appreciated.
    Keep on smiling!

    Mitch Hatfield

    Looking all around for some small signs of Evolution!!

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