OS at home is windows.
I am loging into a unix environment.
It is actually Solaris (unix).

Note I have been using telnet so far to log into remote network by

userid: w123456 (fictional)
paswod: ****

I want to set up exceed so that I can log into a remote computer from home and do some work. I do this by clicking on the start button in windows:

start/programs/Hummingbird/Exceed/client wizard

This opens up a dialog box:
firstly it request

Host name and Host type.
Hoste type is a drop down dialog box with the options <DEC UNIX, DEC VM, HP, IBM AIX, LINUX, SCO, SG IRX, SUN, UNIX>. Note it advises to use the latter i.e. UNIX if you do not know the type of host. Here is what I have typed for each:

Host: jaguar.wmin.ac.uk
Host Type: Unix,


phase-2 of client setup wizard:
3 choices, one selection box and two text boxes:

Just above the selection box it says:
Please select an application on host type ... if the application is not listed {select user specified). Drop down option box<Xterm, DECTerm, CDE Terminal, CDE Editor, Netscape Browser, CDE file manager, CDE Mail reader, load Meter, XClock>

I selected the first: XTerm (NB that this was already selected, or default)

Application: @(XTerm, method=stdappdb) <browse-button>
(NB the gobbledegook in the text box was there automatically)

Parametrs: -display @d&@; <default-button>
(note the gibberish in the text box was there automatically)

phase 3 of of client setup wizard

The requests for login info of host:
User-id: w123456
password: ****

<selected-the-check-box> Display host replies
(NB the above check box is for trouble shooting info)

When I finally click on the start button, seperate dialog box opens with title and message:
connecting to remote host ...

Then finally an error dialog box window pops up:
Unable to connect to host string using specified start method
XSTART-connecting to

Can any body help?
Any one uses Exceed?