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Thread: Finally......042-24.09.2002

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    Well, folks, I think tht title says it all...

    AdAware reffile....042-24.09.2002 has arrived (been over a month without one).

    Some of the mirrors don't have it yet......
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    Wow- Funny you should mention it.
    Was just looking at my reference file last night...Think it was 23.08.2002 or something like that-Was wondering when it was comming.

    Anyway, (I use the "refupdate" add-on program to update them), and It said I had the most recent reference file.

    Glad you posted this...Probably wouldn't have bothered looking again for a while.
    Just ran it again and by golly, now I've got!

    (Edit) A little side note: Just did a scan. I did one last night before shutting down my computer...Haven't been anywhere but "The guide" since I got home today, and Adaware found some little stinker called "Mediaplex".
    It's possible it's been around before, just don't recall seeing that one before!
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    I have been getting that if i watch an mpeg clip on the web.

    go here and opt out
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    May 2002
    2.37 Million Light Years from M31, USA
    Thanks YODA, I've "oppted"...

    HeHe- I get a kick out of these people that sneak spyware into your computer, and then give you a lenghty explaination of how much they respect your privacy!!!
    Of course, in many cases you have to do a Google search in order to find out just who it is that "respects your privacy" so much.

    Go figure.
    ~ I had a life once...Now I have a computer and a modem ~

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