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Thread: Toothpaste-like thing in my Processor

  1. Toothpaste-like thing in my Processor

    Hey all! I cleaned up my pc and i got my power supply back again and suprisingly it didn't fry another fuse but... i got a big problem when i power it on... and i look at my processor i see a white paste thing on it... is my processor burned out? thanks for your help...

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    23,389 is that you are seeing this paste?

    Where exactly is it?

    If possible can you post a pic of it?
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    If there's a toothbrush there

    somewhere I gotta see this. j/k.

    If your PC is working the processor

    isn't "burned out."

    Just exactly where is this stuff? Could

    be some thermal paste if someone used WAY

    too much. Your processor should be covered with

    a Heatsink and fan.

    Some PSU's have big globs of white silicone

    pasted in different places internally to cover

    connections. Might be some of that stuff fell out.

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  4. i dont have a camera but i make an image it looks like this but maybe a little bit smaller paste-like thing... hope this help actually i have a dead pc.... not booting up but i didnt try to troubleshoot the PSU again
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    If that is a drawing of your processor and you did NOT remove the heatsync/fan combo, no WONDER your pc won't boot.
    Only in the 486 days and earlier could a pc run without the aid of processor cooling.

    Chances are great to sure bet that your processor and possibly also your mobo is toast.
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  6. uhmm that is the processor... without the cooling fan and the heat sink of course... i did remove the heat sink and fan first... , specs is Duron 1.3 w/ fan.

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    Then that's just thermal paste. You could clean it with rubbing alcohol and apply a very thin layer of new paste when reattaching HS and fan combo. Most here like Arctic silver the best. But do a search for how to because too much will just ooze out and actually insulate around the processor and create an uneven temperature on the chip.

    Also you might want to lap your heatsink.
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