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Thread: Case Fans and Crashes -- Advice needed.

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    Case Fans and Crashes -- Advice needed.

    four days after getting my new P4 2.5Gig, GEForce4, 1024 DDR RAM -- it died after an eight hour Morrowind session. I had the old, "Wtf, the power supply works/all fans are on (except processor) and my monitor isn't showing any comp connection." After opening up, and testing the RAM -- video card -- and mother board ; I knew my new processor either fried or was a defect. I could also tell by the fact the fan on the processor wouldn't work. I played with it a bit, and got it to work --- but the monitor still didn't display the comp info. I called the company I purchased it from, and it is in the mail ready for a replacement. I hope I did the right thing, and hope the problem is the processor. I'm not sure if I checked the motherboard properly, but it seemed to be working just fine. Any advice on this?

    Now, I'm pretty sure overheating is what killed my comp. It only had 1 case fan (power supply) -- one on the processor -- one on the video card. Nothing was overclocked, but it ran HOT.. I could smell how hot it was running. So I'm assumeing when I get my comp back, that I need to put some extra case fans in it. It has one open slot, ( 3.5 inch I think, right above where you put the CD-ROM and stuff ) and two extra fan grilles. One in the front, another in the back.

    What fans do you suggest would do the job to add? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Try to explain as much you can, I know a little bit about computers -- but not alot. Thanks!

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    So I'm assumeing when I get my comp back, that I need to put some extra case fans in it.
    Not nessessarily so...... the builder may not have done a proper installation?? or it may have just been defective to begin with it happens just be thankful it was under warrenty.

    I have one system here that runs 24/7 with just a processor fan and that is it have never needed any other fan with that system. And it is used a lot under stress.but if you are gamming a lot it would not hurt to add another fan.

    notice the two fans in the back there are also two behind the front grill of this case shown. gives you cross ventilation.Usually 80mm, if you have a case that will take extra fans this way it would be best to start that way first.
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    Yeah, that case includes one 80mm fan bracket in the bottom front of the case. It also includes and 80mm fan bracket in the bottom HDD bay. You can install a fan there to help with cooling a harddrive.

    A neat thing I just heard about is that you can take that 80mm fan bracket completely out of the HDD bay and a 92mm fan will just fit in there. This way you can get more airflow with less noise.
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    I knew my new processor either fried or was a defect. I could also tell by the fact the fan on the processor wouldn't work
    The CPU fan takes power from the mobo, so as far as i know it should spin even if the cpu is dead...

    Did you ask for just a cpu replacement or sent the entire system? Maybe it's a m/b fault...
    If you ordered the system already built, they should fix it no matter what the problem is.

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    Just want to offer a suggestion for the future:

    When you can smell how hot it is running, that is a really good clue to turn it off....NOW!


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    Fans draw there power from the mother board. Even if the CPU was dead, the fan should still work.

    The fact that it isn't working means that the fan is probably dead. That's probably the reason your CPU got fried.

    Morrowind is a CPU intensive game, your CPU will run 5 degrees C. or more hotter than when idling. So a combination of a hot game and a fan failure is the probable cause.

    You'll need to replace at least the CPU and the heat sink/fan, and hope that your motherboard was not damaged as well.

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