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Thread: software for linux.

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    Oct 2001
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    software for linux.

    can someone point me in the direction of a good Firewall and Antivirus for Mandrake 9, ive spent a good part of the day looking/playing around with Mandrake and surfing the net, its fun..
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    Firewall: iptables. You probably have it installed, you just need to learn howto configure it.

    Antivirus: Linux isn't Windows. If you're running a pure (single-boot) Linux system with the ext2 or ext3 filesystem, and don't normally work as root, then there is little need for virus scanning. If you dual boot with Windows and run Wine, mount you Windows partition read-only. If Windows users store files on your Linux machine you might want a virus scanner for *their* benefit.

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    Beware. I once had what I believe to have been a virus which my wife downloaded in windows and destroyed my whole boot sector.(?) I couldn't even boot from floppy and I had to wipe everything and start from scratch.
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    Dual boot?

    Yeah, that is something to be very careful about in a dual boot system......
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