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Thread: drawning laptop

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    drawning laptop

    hi, as you can infer from the subject what happened is that i spilled half glass of water into my laptop. I immediately flip it and removed the excesswater from the keyboard then turned of the computer, . Now the laptop boots in safe mode only and some keys don`t work. What do you suggest me to do? i was thinking to open it and dry the parts with a hair drier (something I already did without taking it apart). Any other suggestion?
    thank you
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    a trick I use with steamed up watches is. remove the back then wrap them in a dry towel and place on a warm radiator. this draws the water out and into the towel.
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    The best advice I can give is...don't be in a hurry to use the device again. Open the device up and let it dry for a week or 2 . You'll be suprised how long little drops of water can hang around.

    The wait and let dry method has always worked for me if the device was powered off as soon as it became wet.

    Good Luck
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