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Thread: Easy, but Important to ME

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    Apr 2001
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    Easy, but Important to ME

    I wish I still had my young powers of comprehension, nothing seems to go to the right place in my memory; (I need a defrag (:>}=).

    What is the meaning of the "speed X" on a CD or anythibg associated with a CD eg. "32X Multispeed". I can't figure out what controls the speed or what use is there in having different speeds. For example if you were to drive a given Audio CD at different speeds you would be changing Key....very useful but not very practical.

    Please keep the explanation simple.



    (9X Grandad I understand)(:>}=

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    The Speed is the rated speed at which the drive can read and write.
    1X is the original speed of the cdís..
    Most Music cdís work at that speed.

    8x/4x is the read / write speed of the cd-r/cd-rw drive
    it can rotate the disk at 8x thatís 8 times faster than the original standard
    it can Write at 4X or 4 times faster than the original

    Given a 52X / 12X / 8X
    Gives it the ability to Read at 52X write CD-r at 12X and CD-RW at 8X
    The read speed being higher means it gets the data into the system faster
    Writing at 1 or 4 X is SLOWWWW
    If you can write at 8 or 12 X it cuts the time in half each time you double the speed,
    or at least it should..
    But in many cases you still have to reduce the write speed for data accuracy
    And the Cost isnít that Much different for 4X and or 8X cd-r disks

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    Hi Ray,

    It tells you how fast the cd drive can spin a disk. If you are listening to an audio cd, you are listening at 1X. That's the way it should be. But if you are playing a data cd say to download a program, why wait around? Let's play that puppy at 48X (48 times the regular speed) and get it over with!

    At least I THINK that's the way it goes....

    EDIT: or what Rick said...boy, you have to be fast around here...

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    Apr 2001
    Somerset, England
    Hi both.

    Thanks > perfect > now I understand.

    As a result of your guidance, my grandchildren will now be happy with how much their granddad knows.

    Best regards


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