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Thread: password after win installacion??

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    Nov 2002
    georgia rep.of

    password after win installacion??

    after win 98SE installacion,in booting
    period befor desktop appears, annoing window comes ,
    asking for username and password.i traing to switch it off
    from control panel/passwords but there is no option to remove it.
    i remember that after some win98 installacions i have not that
    problem, but i dont know why.
    tell me please whot is my mistake.
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    Try the following:

    Open up your Control Panel, and double click on the 'Network' icon.

    Click once on "Client for Microsoft Networks" in the next window, and then
    on the "Remove" button.

    You'll need to reboot once the listing is removed, but the Windows password
    prompt shouldn't show up again ... NOTE: This is going to remove the Network
    Neighborhood icon from your desktop. If you need to set up a home network
    at a later date, you can add the MS client back in through the Control

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    stored in windows is a .pwl file eg: if you use the name koko it would be koko.pwl

    if you delete this file, then reboot, windows will ask you for user name & password, if you leave this blank it doesn't ask again.

    use the same method if you change your mind and want to use a username & password. (this time putting them in when asked.)
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