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Thread: Green lines across top of screen?

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    Jan 2003

    Angry Green lines across top of screen?

    I tried to upgrade my windows me version to xp and my comp. wouldn't boot up again, after months of trying to get my comp to boot up again with the original boot disk that the comp came with (HP Pavilion XP789) it finally booted up, now i get various VxD VMM errors, VCache errors, and now this mysterious green line across the top of my comp monitor... i have contacted both hp and microsoft, neither of the two will answer my emails to their tech support, i'm hoping that someone out there could help me. Thanks!

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    Cool Display Problems (NEED HELP)

    I own a HP Pavilion 8760c P-3 733MHZ with 768MB of ram, NVIDAVANTA 16MB on board video and running win98se. I'm experiencing the same problems. The mysterious black screen with green flourescent lines running across the top of the monitor. I have formatted the hard drive at least 10 times over the past year. I thought it was a software/driver issue and experimented with different software configurations. All attempts to correct the issue has failed so far. I finally recieved a possible answer from a circuit city tech. The video card is faulting. The monitor is going bad. Or the mother board is failing.

    Testing procedures.
    (1) If possible borrow a monitor and cable from a friend.

    (A) Did this correct the problem? If not try step 2.

    (2) Try borrowing a video card. Hopefully this will correct our problems.

    Looks who's talking. Moving my 500lb monitor to another location is not going to be fun.
    Before doing these test procedures try and restore your win ME softwre to the orignal factory install. If you had problems with the XP upgrade and reverted back to ME, I would make sure all the XP componets are removed completly. IF possible format and reinstall win ME. By the way I am not a computerrr freakkk so good luck. This computer is stressing me out so bad I'am lossing all my hair. Contact Microsoft on how to safely remove a failed XP upgrade.

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    Both of you:

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    I think you are on the right track... Testing a different monitor and video card would be the way to go initially, but for marly795 it is likely that a complete wipe of the hard drive will be necessary. The VXD errors suggest some software problems. I would do the hardware checks first to rule them out and then see how it goes. Post back with results and we can help with next steps....
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    Question Video problems

    Ok I swapped my 17" mutisync monitor with a 15" gateway monitor. I tested my onboard NVIDAVANTA video processor by playing graphic intensive video games. About a week later I finally duplicated the black screen with flourescent lines on top of the monitor. So it difinetly not my monitor causing the problems. I contacted another circuit city tech. This time the tech had me go into the BIOS setup menu,and reloaded the system configuration defaults into the CMOS BIOS chip. Did I notice a major performance increase. Applications open and shut down twice as fast. Windows 98se seems to be a lot more stable. However, my video grahics is still bugging. New problem the monitor will go black and the LED in front will turn yellow. This tells me I'm loosing my video signal. Anybody out there that knows a quick fix?

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    Yeah, 12 ga/ 00 buckshot.

    Either you have an over heating problem (very likely in the cramped confines of an HP case), or the onboard video is not quite 100% healthy.

    I would try running with case open and a small fan pointing into if to provide more air flow.

    I know it is unlikely you have any onboard (BIOS) means of monitoring the system temps, but there is a chance that a third party monitoring prgram will work (very slim)...try MBM5, it may be able to read the sensors, but it has had a terrible track record with HPs...
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