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Thread: Written Code to Assembly language

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    Written Code to Assembly language

    I am stuck on a question from my courses, maybe you can help and possibly give me some links as to where I may research it.
    My question: Is after you write a program using whatever code language, how does the Computer change that code into machine language to go to Ram or the cpu to run the necessary devices? I understand all the basics of Bin and Hex but where I am stuck is the procedure or if you will, the link between the written code in the program, the actual text of it is then changed to binary??

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    i didnt understand your question entirely, but i will try my best to answer ...

    1. Say, you wrote a program named traffic.c in C language...
      traffic.c contains the 'code/text'
    2. Now you have to compile the program using a compiler.
      A compiler is a software which converts your 'code/text' into machine language (0s & 1s)
    3. Once you compile a proggie, it gets converted into an executable.
      for ex- traffic.c will be converted to traffic.exe
    4. Now if you want to run the program, u click on traffic.exe....
      traffic.exe gets loaded into RAM from harddisk and is executed.

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