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Thread: Disabling things on the keyboard?

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    Disabling things on the keyboard?

    I have a mini keyboard for gaming and there is a key named fn. Does anyone know how to disable this key. Also what is the function of this key anyway?

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    It is used in combination keystrokes (usually with F1-F12, I think) to do things like lock the keyboard, power down the system, change the repeat rate if you hold down a key...

    I've got a keyboard with a fn key, and I never use it. But, it was a $6 keyboard, so I bought it.

    Disable it? Maybe, but I don't know. I guess you'd have to check with the manufacturer.
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    Commonly found on notebooks (and calculators) that have a smaller than usual number of keys than the standard. The "missing" keys usually have the actions highlighted in something like a different colour and work when the fn key is depressed in combination.
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