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Thread: where can i find this?

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    Feb 2003

    where can i find this?

    does any one know a website for:..."free cutoff modulation frequency filters" for use in acid program for music.

    any help would be great

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    Aug 2001
    Land of 10,000 Lakes and Minnesota nice!!
    Did you try a Google search using those parameters?
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    try gogole

    I don't know.

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    Aug 2001
    Stanley NC
    for use in acid program for music.
    Didn't know you got it for free we used to have to pay $2.50 for a 4 way hit of orange barrel or window pain. we never had to use filters it was always clean
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    HeHe...Sunshine/Window Pane/Orange Barrel/Purple haze/Blotter? Yikes!!!

    Couldn't help but notice your sig YODA...I used Freeservers for a while too- Bad scene. Besides the Gator tacking, the Pop-Ups were so bad I didn't dare send my friends there! (Of course, that was the "free" version.)

    Got some free space from my ISP now.....Still don't dare send my friends there.
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    Feb 2002
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    If you're still looking, could you describe in more detail just what it is you're seeking? Never mind these Jimi Hendrix wannabee's, I think they did something to their brains... LOL!

    From what I read, it sounds like you're searching for something to use in a digital studio? For recording effects or high pass filters maybe? I'm not sure just what it is you need.
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