Not sure if anyone can help me out AGAIN or not, but basically when I'm trying to play games (especially GTA vice city and splinter cell)
I keep getting errors,

One reading Unhandled exception 0000005 at address - 00a762a4
and the other: general protection fault (various details regarding graphic problems etc)

I have had (and kinda still do) have some problems with my PC, as shown on this thread

does anyone know what these errors are? or if its a problem relating to my hardware. I have just paid to have a full diagnostic on my machine, and the place i took it to claim all of my hardware is fine and I dont have a overheating problem... ALL of my drivers and DX are up to date, so I cant possibly think what it might be

I really do hope one of you lot can help me out any sugg. will me MUCH appreciated.