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Thread: Popups in Win 98 even when not on internet

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    Popups in Win 98 even when not on internet

    I saw a similar question about this before but it was strictly devoted to Win XP and the fixes noted there are incapable of fixing a similar problem in 98.

    So heres the deal I can be online (directly) with web pages open Or I can be offline (cable modem) with nothing open and I get random active x style popups ... how do I know - cause I disabled activex in my securioty and instead of the popups i get the message that page cannot be shown do to activex not being enabled.

    Please inform this poor slob on how to fix this insanity

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    It sounds like your getting net messaging
    Do you have network messaging installed and do you use or even need it?

    In Win98 net messaging is installed by default by windows when you install any network card or network device

    You can use add remove program to remove netmessaging

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    You could also have a trojan/hijacker that is polluting your system. Consider running a full set of scan for spyware, trojans and hijackers. Post a log from HiJack This for the experts (not me) to review...

    You can find links to software for these programs at mjc's security thread....
    Budfred ..... Caveat Emptor....

    Helpful links SpywareBlaster... HijackThis... ATF Cleaner...

    Post a complaint about malware here!!
    So how did I get infected in the first place??

    MS MVP 2006 and ASAP member since 2004...

    If you PM me for help, expect an irritated response... Post in the forum...

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    Please download and run HijackThis and run it, most of what it finds is harmless or even needed, so don't fix anything yet....

    Then post the log here (click Save Log and it will save a copy and open it in notepad).
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