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Thread: Radio Tuner for Laptop/PC

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    Radio Tuner for Laptop/PC

    I am looking for a radio tuner for a laptop/pc so I can listen to FM/AM radio on the PC - yes yes I know there are internet radio stations available now, but I do not always want to use up network bandwidth for listening to the radio. Are there any peripherals that accomplish this objective?

    Pankaj Shroff
    Sandy, Utah.

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    Well, I think it depends in part on how much you are willing to pay. I have never heard of an exclusive radio tuner (of course that doesn't mean they don't exist ...), but many external TV tuners include FM tuners as well (e.g. <a href="">here</a>. They seem a little pricey for listening to the radio, and they only do FM, but they are radio tuners.


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    I have never encountered a stand alone fm tuner, but quite a few of the usb tv tuners have an fm tuner as well.
    Do a froogle or pricewatch search for a "usb fm tv tuner". There's quite a few names to pick from on the market - Kworld, Asus, Aver, Prolink, Hauppauge, and Leadtek, - just to name the ones I just came across.

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    Not a very popular item. D-Link used to offer a stand alone usb FM tuner, but it is now discontinued.

    You could do a search for one on ebay, the item was called D-Link DRSB-100.

    Other than that, a usb TV/FM tuner like stated above is the only choice, unless you hooked a portable radio into your line in jack.

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