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Thread: using system while installing. . .

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    Post using system while installing. . .

    Hey people!

    I was installing Age of Empires 2 while trying to surf the net at the same time. I noticed that my system started getting slower and choppy once every few seconds or so. Is this suppose to happen? Minimizing/maximizing ie5 windows also started to slow down as well as other programs while the installation continued. I have a 40gig hd with two partitions. 1 part about 5gig which has Win98SE running off it, and the other partition (35gig) where I was installing the game. Does this affects the computers performance in any way? Any thoughts?

    Computer specs:
    AMD Duron 850@935MHz
    256 PC-133
    16MB Voodoo3 3000 AGP
    40gig Maxtor 5400rpm

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    Quote:I was installing Age of Empires 2 while trying to surf the net at the same time.

    When installing ANY program all ather programs should be closed.
    Installing a program and surfing the internet both require resorces and the installation program is taking resorces away from your web browser and every time you open a web page it takes resorces away from the installation program. If your web browser takes all available resorces it can cause write errors corrupt files and cause the installation program to crash or worse yet crash your computer.

    Also files that are in use can't be altered deleted or moved by the instalation program. I don't think Age of Empires 2 would need access to MSIE files but you never know they are both MS products
    It's not like you were installing netscape navigator and surfing with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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    There are so many shared files it is hard to say...but it is best to shut down everything except what you are installing.

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