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Thread: Dynamice Overclocking Technology!

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    Dynamice Overclocking Technology!

    hey ppl... i just downloaded the latest 53.03 Drivers for MSI Ti4200 64mb 8x using the Liveupdate program. these drivers enabled the option overclocking of the Core and the Memory.. they also option 2 more options that i haven't seen before. 3D clock and dynamic overclocking technology (DOT). however these 2 options are disabled.. can anyone explain to me why.. or how can i enable them.

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    My best guess would be check the MSI site for a FAQ or forums, see if they have some info. Also check google for some overclocking sites.

    We don't recommend or support overclocking, the risk of frying parts is too great, especially if someone doesn't know what they're doing and uses the wrong method or takes it too far.
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    My best guess is they are options that aren't available with your specific hardware. Those may be for a higher-end card like the 4400, 4600, or maybe the FXes.

    As Pete said, check MSI's site for info.

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    Those drivers are intended for the FX cards, 5200 to 5900.

    On the MSI website, the most recent drivers for the G4 Ti series cards are the 45.32s. See here
    and here

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