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Thread: movie viewers

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    movie viewers

    Can someone please tell me any programs which can run avi, mpg or any other movie format movies whilst they are downloading?? Media player wont let me do it whilst I'm downloading.
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    I dont know about avi, but you should be able to view a partially downloaded mpg file in media player. If you are actually in the process of downloading it, you can make usually make a copy of the file at any point by dragging the file with the right mouse button and selecting 'copy here' and play the copy.
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    media player wont let u do that with avi files. Also, I know the copy and paste method of viewing files but don't want to do that every 5 minutes so I can watch every extra minute that is downloaded. It'd just be easier to watch it all at once in a "streaming" kind of way.
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    AviPreview - A program which is capable of playing partially downloaded AVI movies. To make it unique, it is capable of playing files which are in the stage of downloading.

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