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Thread: computer starts to boot up then turns off

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    computer starts to boot up then turns off

    I had to get a new computer but my old one could possibly be fixed. To make a long story short. The guy who build my computer thought maybe he forgot to set the chipset. He told me to be the motherboard cd in and try that. He was no help at all and I don't have a clue on what I was doing. The computer came on but I had no cd rom drives. He told me to shut it down and then undo the ribbon off the motherboard (the ribbon from the cd rom). Then to boot up.Then turn off the computer and plug the ribbon back in. Well the computer beeps a couple times and I hear it running but there is nothing on the screen and it turns itself off. Could someone please help me.What do I do to find out what the problem is. Please don't talk over my head. Be kind. Right now I would love to fix the computer to prove a point . I feel that this guy deliberately try to mess up my computer. What a friend !
    Thank you
    The Cpt

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    Dear CPT:

    Welcome to the PC-Guide forum.

    Does anything appear on the screen before it shuts off?

    Are there any beeps?

    Please advise....

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    You could use a copy of my Diagnostic Flowcharts.
    Download them from here
    and print them if you can.

    Begin on the START UP chart.

    It will ask you questions like:
    1. Is the PC dead? [your answer is no]
    2. Did the POST [Power-On Self_Test] apear to run?
    [you should hear a single short beep if it completes successfully]
    Immediately after POST is successful the video card gets enabled and you should see the display of characters on screen.
    Follow the chart and tell us which steps take place or not.

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