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Thread: Burger Biters Beware

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    Burger Biters Beware

    From the March 4, 2004 E-zine edition of News Scientist Magazine (

    Beefed-up chicken
    Ever wondered whether your chicken has been bulked up with beef or pork extracts? Or if your burger contains mice or even bits of people that fell into the mincer? Thanks to a single test that claims to reveal the presence of meat from 32 different animals, these questions can now be answered.

    The test is based on a DNA chip called the "FoodExpert-ID" chip and its main use would be to ensure that meat products are what they say the are and don't contain anything they shouldn't...

    Oh, and, uh, (let's see if I have enough to cover, ah yes) I'll have side order of cockroach with mine....


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    And to think, I had HotDogs for lunch! LOL!

    Tonight it's 'Kitten' Chow Mein! Well it tastes like 'chicken'...

    Hey, why's my side order of rice wiggling?
    There's no place like

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    What about the stuff in bagels and salads?
    Vegans are no better than the carnivores.

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    ~ I had a life once...Now I have a computer and a modem ~

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