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Thread: Strange bootup problem

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    Question Strange bootup problem

    I've browse thru' the power supply problems here but none of them resemble my case. I have an AT P166 system with a old Pentium motherboard (I know it's old but that PC is with me for more than 3 years, not wanting to decommission it because it still worked well), yesterday I found that I have to power on the power switch the second time to turn it on (this is not an ATX power supply), thereafter turn off and on is ok until it the mains is turn off, then I'll need a 2nd switch on to turn the PC on.

    I've changed the switch but problem persist.

    Anyone has this problem before or any clue?

    Chin Siong

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    Sounds like the powersupply is dying
    If your not comfortable with working in a case, i would take it to the shop, could be the motherboard also.

    Sledgehammer will save the day!

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