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Thread: Setting up two monitors to a CPU

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    Setting up two monitors to a CPU

    Hi there good people!

    Can you pls tell me specifically, as basic as you can, the step-by-step procedures to install two monitors to a single CPU, such that any thing I view will be stretched across the two monitors (instead of having to scroll horizontally)?

    What I have now are two monitors and a CPU. Pls let me know if I need any other hardware, and also, the step-by-step procedure of installation.

    Thank you so much way, way in advance.

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    Multiple monitors has nothing to do with the CPU.

    It will require that you have either two video cards, or a single video card with dual outputs.

    If using a video card with dual outputs, simply plug both monitors in, start windows, and then in Control Panel > Display there should be an option to enable the second monitor and to configure its position and behaviour.
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    Multiple monitors has nothing to do with the CPU.
    Non-techies refer to the entire case & contents as "the CPU". Confusing, I know, but just thought I'd clear that up.

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