I've mentioned problems in this area in previous postings but, at that time, Windows was screwed-up.

Since I reformatted and re-installed 98SE + I.E.6. I thought the problem was cured - but this is not so.

The scenario: I turn on the PC in the morning, and javascript 'open' command links in webpages work fine, as do links that open in a new window. But, a few hours later, these functions cease to work. The only way I can cure it is to restore the Registry back to the previous boot-up (i.e. when I first booted the PC some hours previous).

You can see that, if it then occured again, I would rapidly run out of restore options, especially when I get a 'Restore Failed' message.

If it's a Registry thing, I've done nothing to alter the Registry since booting up, so why the loss of this function?