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Thread: A problem in computer programming, can you help

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    A problem in computer programming, can you help

    I have a matrix called A
    0  1  5  6
    2  4  7 12
    3  8 11 13
    9 10 14 15
    I would like to map it into another matrix called B initialized with all zeros. I say 'map' because the way I am doin is to read the matrix A element by element, and take the number behind it, the ones (diag) below it. For example, if my position is at 0, then I have to take 3 numbers 1, 2, 4, this also means B[0][1]=B[0][2]=B[0][4]=1, because I am trying to assign 1 to any place where there is a direction (dgraph, I mean)..

    But do you have any other way to solve this instead the one I just describe ???

    Please give me your ideas...

    Thanks a lot

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    Here is what I have done but unfortunately received an error in memory access violation and system asks me to report the problem to Microsoft....

    PHP Code:
    for(int i=0;i<rows;i++)
    int j=0;j<cols;j++){

    Help me please........
    Thanks again in advance

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    Why no one helps me ?
    Please give me some hints ?
    You have never helped me even once, can you just treat me as we are in A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP??????

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    Jul 2002
    Philippines/ LA now
    i would love to help. but i dont know the answer as well. sorry

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